Kelingking Beach, Nusa Penida, BALI | Foto: Dody Wiraseto
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Bali, the World's Tourist Favourite Island
Dody Wiraseto
Thu, 25 Apr 2024

Bali is a world-popular tourist destination that often receives international awards.

In 2024 itself, Bali has won various awards as the World Honeymoon Destination by Travellers Choice Awards, Best of The Best TripAdvisor 2024. Not only that, the Island of the Gods also ranks second as a World Top 25 Destination at the same event. 

Tourist visits to Bali have also increased this year; even the Australian Bureau of Statistics noted that Australian tourist visits to Bali in 2023 reached 1.37 million tourists, successfully shifting the position of New Zealand, which had previously been number one, this time only visited by 1.2 million tourists.

The Travellers Choice Award for 2024: The Best of the Best Destination is judged based on the quality and quantity of worldwide reviews in a year.

Ubud is a favourite honeymoon destination thanks to its natural and cultural beauty. Aside from that, Bali also has hotel and lodging facilities with natural views, beaches, swimming pools, and romantic dinners.

Nusa Penida can also be one of the must-visit tourist destinations if you want a nature-themed holiday atmosphere and charming beaches in Bali. The island offers beaches with diverse characters. From Kelingking Beach with cliffs that resemble the head of a T-Rex dinosaur, to Atuh Beach with cliffs that resemble a horse's head. 



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